"Simply the best, the world over"

Wildpharm was established in 1994 to augment the activities of the company Westcountry Deer Management. Over 50 years of experience in deer management in the UK and on the continent has produced a growing demand for live capture and scientific research into the West Country's red deer herds.


At the outset we sought the advice of a good friend at that time, the Head Veterinary Surgeon at Copenhagen Zoo and pioneer of tranqulizing wild animals. His life-long experience in this field led us to the company DAN-INJECT in Denmark, which he recommended as the manufacturer of what is probably the most accurate and reliable tranquilizing rifle in the world.

During the months that followed we tested and used their rifle, pistol and blowpipe in extreme field conditions. Regardless of weather conditions we used all of the DAN-INJECT products and were consistently impressed by their quality and reliability. The ability to place a dart syringe with unerring accuracy, using all of the delivery systems, was particularly impressive.


When the DAN-INJECT agency became available in the UK the rest, as they say, is history! We are proud to be associated with this fine company and know that you will be equally impressed by the ongoing tradition of service and customer satisfaction.

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